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About All Schools Special Needs - Services
Our services are focused on and dedicated to helping the Ridgefield Park School system in support of the staff and teachers who work with special needs students.

Charitable Events 

We host and or sponsor several events each calendar year. Events include our signature Casino Nite fundraising event, our golf outing at the Haworthe Country Club fund raising event, class trips to places like Turtleback Zoo or bringing events into the classroom for teachers and/or students

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Equipment and Software Donations

When we are not hosting events we are donating equipment and software. Our efforts to achieve the special needs goals of the Ridgefield Park school system are always collaborative. We work closely with teachers and leaders within the school system to identify specific needs each year. We then work together to determine where and how to deliver those needs back into the classroom.  

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Community Education

It's not just about charity events and donations it's also about understanding too. There many people who are unaware of what it takes when it comes to supporting students, parents, teachers and staff working in the special needs field. Our job is to share and communicate the challenges, the opportunities, the vision of what we all can do to help children now and in the future.

Community Based Events

We fund many offsite trips to events and activities for the children including but not limited to the following:

Swim at Montclair State Universitv Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death among children and adults with Autism. It is imperative that our students receive these important swim lessons.

Personal training at Volt Fitness Obesity
is the #1 health concern for children and adults with Autism. We are trying to encourage and support our students by giving them personal exercise training. A skill that will last a lifetime.

Bowling at Bowler City
Bowling is a social and physical activity. It also encourages stUdent self-esteem. We are hoping to create a special Olympics team. "Go Scarlets!"


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