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All Schools Special Needs: Our Mission
Our Mission is to assist special needs children in the Ridgefield Park community with physical and medical equipment, educational supplies, technology, daily care, field trips and other resources that they normally would not be able to obtain for varying reasons including cost and availability. Our board includes Ridgefield Park staff and faculty and contributes to the fostering of a special relationship between our group and teachers, administrators and parents of the special needs children in our community.    

We are a 501c3 foundation. Documentation will be provided on request for donated items.

The All Schools Special Needs Team

Bobby Lee - Founder
Bobby Lee 
ASSN Founder

If you knew Bobby Lee growing up you might remember he married his high school sweetheart, Ann. If you knew them when they were newlyweds, but somehow lost touch, they’d be easy to find. Why? Because they still live in the same house they did so many years ago.  Not because they don’t embrace change, but simply because it’s where they choose to live.  Bobby Lee is truly a local person.  He still takes in rescue dog after rescue dog and walks them on the same streets he did when he got his first one.  And if you did know him growing up you probably wouldn’t be surprised to know how successful and generous he is.  

Bobby went to work right after high school like so many others did.  He started a job in the tradeshow industry backing in trucks at the Javits Center.  Bobby had no immediate idea where this industry would take him. But, if you grew up knowing Bobby, things don’t typically take him, he gets a vision and finds a way to get there.  Eventually Bobby had a vision of creating a local business supporting many of those important to him and he made that happen. He co-founded a local company in the tradeshow industry with two childhood friends.  The company has employed many of his friends and family members since 2001, when it was founded.  If you knew Bobby growing up, you probably won’t be surprised to know that despite having his first piece of business shut down on September 11, 2001 at the Javits Center and his industry suddenly shrinking and stalling as a result of no one traveling, that today, the company employs over 100 full time team members and has annual revenue in the 40M range. But Bobby is still the same guy you remember, if you were lucky enough to grow up knowing him.  

Now that he is “all grown up”, he never stops growing.  His passion for reading continues and he is working towards being able to be a conversationalist in the Spanish language.  It has always been in Bobby’s nature to learn new things and to help others.  The philanthropy bug really bit him when he was a volunteer board member for several years in an industry organization, ESCA.  He lead the charge not only on the green committee, creating a best practices white paper for the entire industry to follow, but he single handedly lead the efforts in fundraising to support a scholarship fund for college bound young adults.  Soon afterwards, Bobby helped a local autism charity raise money and goods and spearheaded some special projects.  It wasn’t long before Bobby wanted to expand his efforts.  That lead him to founding the All Schools Special Needs charity, helping all kids with special needs, specifically in the Ridgefield Park school district.  Being in the events industry for several decades, it only made perfect sense to Bobby that he create an event and for several years now has held an overwhelmingly successful charitable casino night.  To date Bobby has raised over $150,000 to support those locally with special needs.     

Bobby started off with philanthropy by simply wanting to help.  Today, Bobby has a clear vision of continuing to help those in need by supplementing so many needed things that the public school system, sadly, simply cannot afford.  His vision is growing and is including a new event, a golf outing, which will support his latest goal of providing day care for those with special needs who are outside of school age.   If you have any special talents that you would like to volunteer with a local organization that affects positive change contact him through   

Female Board MemberMary Kane
ASSN Board Member & Treasurer

Mary Kane was born and raised in Ridgefield Park as second generation of family (Callahan) members. She has three grown children, John, Jillian and Joseph who all attended and graduated from Ridgefield Park schools. Married to her husband, John Kane, for over than 30 years, and they are the proud grandparents of a beautiful little boy, Kieran Joseph Kane.

She has worked in the Ridgefield Park schools for almost 10 years. Her first position in the district was working as a one-to-one aide with a student. A year later she was invited to work in a classroom with an autistic child. Her experience with those children was beyond amazing. It was a privilege to be working with children and families who deeply appreciate your support.

She is the committee treasurer and works as a liaison, along with special needs teacher, Crissy LaTour, between the schools and the committee. Currently she is the district data coordinator and while she does not work directly with our students, she feels very fortunate to be a part of the school system. 

Bob Lee invited Mary to come on board with the All Schools Special Needs committee a few years ago. Helping to raise money for our students with Special Needs is a wonderful opportunity and she is excited to be a part of the All Schools Special Needs Foundation.
Female Board MemberTommy Carlock 
ASSN Board Member

Tommy originally is from Fairview, NJ and went to Cliffside Park, HS, He spent most of his life competing against teams and folks from Ridgefield Park. Somewhere along the way he made many friends in the Ridgefield Park community, played softball in the Mens RPSA league for 18 years, married a Ridgefield Park giel named Jude Ann Donohue and lived on Preston street for many years.

Today Tommy lives in Montvale, NJ with Jude and has 2 sons Thomas and Tyler. He is the Chief Customer Officer and VP of Innovation for a Social Media Analytics company called Sysomos based in Toronto.

Tommy has volunteered all his life for many different charities including the American Heart Assocation, Cancer Care, Autism Speaks and March of Dimes. He has leveraged his 20+ years in business and his community of friends to maximize the experience and outcome of each charity he has worked with. He has done everything from participate in events, run events like golf outings, build websites and social media pages,  or donate his classic rock band's talents to play at a charity event. Tommy is a huge Bobby Lee fan because of Bobby's passion, long term vision and dedicated commitment for this ASSN charity. Tommy is proud to be part of such a wonderful cause and to work with an amazing team of volunteers to focus on doing whatever it takes to help others in need.

Contact email:
Theresa Kohles Board MemberTheresa Kohles 
ASSN Board Member

Crissy LaTourCrissy LaTour
ASSN Board Member

Crissy LaTour was born and raised in Ridgefield Park. She attended St. Francis school and continued to high school at The Academy of the Holy Angels. Attending Mount Saint Mary College in New York, she became a certified teacher in Elementary Education and Students with Disabilities. Currently residing in Rutherford, Crissy has worked in the Ridgefield Park school district for 7 years. Crissy was first a Resource Room teacher but has taught the 1:1 Primary Autistic Class for 6 years. She truly enjoys having the privilege of working with such fantastic students and their families.

Crissy is very proud to be a part of All Schools Special Needs. She has seen how this organization can provide so many educational materials and opportunities for the special needs children of Ridgefield Park schools. Since Crissy is able to be among the staff and children daily, she works as a liaison, along with Mary Kane, between the schools, teachers, and the committee.